In Which I Am Dim: An Ongoing Series

I had no idea who Lana Del Rey even was until about a week ago, and couldn’t pick out one of her songs if you paid me Big Money to do it, but why exactly is her being an artificially created big-label pop music product such a sticking point—isn’t that, you know, pretty much any pop music act?  Wasn’t the whole idea supposed to be to revel “ironically” or otherwise in the artifice and the Autotuning and the costumes and the pre-crafted songs and pre-scripted interviews and on-camera personae and the ephemeral evanescence and the Media Construction of Fame(tm) and all that cal, and all questions of authenticity are supposed to be the provenance of those sad aging passé over-forty “rockist” types still sitting around in their Led Zeppelin concert T-shirts waiting for Lester Bangs to come back?  I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking, and it is a genuinely serious question.  Anyway, I’m going to go watch some WKRP in Cincinnati reruns and blast “Houses of the Holy” and “Ten Years Gone” while I wait for my answer.