"Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the fail-clowns on the right are currently creaming their twinkies over video footage so shocking, that it very well might have been the cause of Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death. In the video, a young President Obama (at the time, he was president of the Harvard Law Review) is speaking at a Harvard protest rally in support of then law school Professor Derrick Bell’s call for more diversity among Harvard faculty. The big reveal  (which Breitbart touted at CPAC as signaling the death knell for President Obama’s re-election chances) is that at the end of the video—you should probably sit down for this—BARACK OBAMA HUGS DERRICK BELL.

So, am I still expected to pretend I’m sorry that worthless sack of right-wing shit is dead?  Are we all still wringing our hands and moaning about “mutual incivility” and the “decline of good manners” and whether or not everyone’s being appropriately “classy”?  I remember the earlier days of the critical legal studies/critical race theory Kulturkampf, whose stunts included, but were not limited to, gleefully sociopathic dancing on the grave of a murdered feminist scholar (that same “parody” also included ruthless homophobic mockery of her bereaved husband, who was bisexual), white students attempting to sue the Black Law Students’ Association out of existence and incessant anonymous love-notes telling students of color [insert infinitely repeating loop of racial epithets here] and us female students of whatever color, “BITCHES SHOULD QUIT SCHOOL AND GO COOK MY FUCKING DINNER!” You’re “appalled” and “disgusted” that some of us are more than willing to speak ill of the appalling, disgusting dead? Too fucking bad. You get what you give.

Also, Tumblrites of greater youth who, usually without knowing any better, think the nineteen-nineties were some sort of wonderfully progressive and freewheeling moment in American history, if I ever get my hands on a TARDIS I’m taking all of you back in time so that like me, you can attend law school at the height of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.  That’ll set you straight in a hurry.